OKLAHOMA CITY, OK . . . . Everyone loves to hear the rhythmic sound of an auctioneer. And now 'Ralphie', the first ever Auctioneer doll, who actually chants an auction bid call, is available for every collector and auction enthusiast. Made here in the United States in the image of world and international champion livestock auctioneer, Ralph Wade, this unique doll has lifelike features and is dressed in Wade's trademark clothing. Just by pressing his championship buckle, 'Ralphie' will auction for you in Wade's own clear and distinct voice through a state-of-the-art modular unit. This unique concept was brought to life by one of the world's foremost doll artists, Alice Welpley of Fruita, Colorado. Designed and sculpted by Welpley, 'Ralphie', who stands approximately 25 inches tall, is strikingly lifelike. Made of quality vinyl with a lifelike, porcelain like finish, this doll highlights the superbly hand sculptured features. From his hand painted eyes, eyebrows, teeth and hair to the gold rings on his fingers, you feel like you are looking at and listening to Ralph Wade himself.

Many unique features embellish '. His black western hat is made of true felt and shaped to Ralph's likeness. 'Ralphie' is dressed in a pleated tuxedo white shirt with a satiny black bow tie. His tuxedo jacket is hand sewn with the satin like collar and lapel. Actual denim is used for the western jeans. And the brilliant, hand painted belt buckle, which is attached to his leather belt, is an exact replica of Wade's championship buckle he won at the World Championship Contest. The black western boots are also vinyl.

Critics call Ralph Wade the world's best bid caller. He began his career in New Bloomfield, Missouri, when at the age of 11, he realized he had a natural, God given talent for bid calling. He listened to and practiced with the best auctioneers in the business. He won the coveted World Title in 1974 at the World's Fair in Spokane, Washington and is the reigning International Livestock Champion Auctioneer, which he won last summer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during the Calgary Stampede. Wade now is the lead auctioneer for the world's largest livestock market, Oklahoma City National Stockyards and is one of three auctioneers for Superior Livestock Auction, the world's largest livestock video auction company.

Now you have an opportunity to own one of the world's most unique dolls, the first ever auctioneer doll. 'Ralphie' comes complete with 3 AAA batteries, a wrist tag and a beautiful wooden stand, and is shipped to you in his own unique wooden crate with 'Ralphie' branded on it. This doll is something that everyone with an interest in auctioneering will want to own. 'Ralphie' is distributed by Auctioneering My Way, Inc. of Oklahoma City. SORRY THE LAST OF THE RALPHIE'S ARE GONE.

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